Lisbon, 1981 // Lives and work in San Francisco

Graduate student, San Francisco Art Institute // MFA in New Genres  I  2012 - 2014
Degree in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon University I  2000 - 2005

My degree in Fine Arts at the Lisbon University consisted of five years of practice, as well as a strong theoretical component thanks to subjects such as Aesthetics, Art History and Art Studies. The first years were of great experimentation of several media such as engraving, painting, video and performance. A key experience in my degree was definitely the Erasmus Program held at the Art & Design School at Hertfordshire (London), where I became more interested on site-specific and installation art.
In 2007, I headed to Berlin for an apprenticeship as a set designer assistant at the Volksbühne, where I acquired know-how in theatre production and set design. Here I had the privilege of working with the american choreographer Meg Stuart. In parallel with my work at the theater, I continued developing work as an artist.
The two years in Berlin experience were of a great importance to understand some of the future directions of my work and its main influences. Artists like Francisco Tropa, Rôsangela Rennó, Robert Smithson, Wolfgang Laib, Yves Klein, Fluxus artists like Yoko Ono, the photographic experiments of Étienne-Jules Marey and Harold Edgerton and specific works such as “Fire work Text (Pasolini)” from Cerith Wyn Evans, led me to key issues like “image”, “light”, “motion”, “ephemeral”, “work in progress”, “site-specific”, “journey”, “life / art / people” that take part of what is my work today.
The exhibition “Seguir a Nascente” (“Following the river to its source”) illustrates some of these key issues. “Seguir a Nascente” was a one-night event held at my house from 10 pm to 3 am. Paulo Morais created a sound installation for the house´s garden, Marta Traquino wrote a beautiful text that was printed out and installed at the entry hall, and I presented an installation with drawings and projected image at the attic. Each one of us prepared a performance/presentation of the work, that took place in different moments throughout the night. The audience was very diverse, comprising people from the art world, friends, family, neighbours, strangers, all have shown up.
The dialogue that I establish with a particular place, take form in works that are subtle, silent and enigmatic. In each installation, drawing or image, I am interested in the experience of wonder and bewilderment – authors like Georges Didi-Huberman, Siri Hustvedt, John Berger or Hans Belting are a major influence on my philosophical approach.